Tag: Rosemary

  • Common problems with rosemary

    Tired looking plant? Sprinkle some dried, ground up eggshell around the plant on top of the soil. Do this after about a year, and then repeat every year. This will refresh the plant. White powdery mildew on the surface of the soil? Rosemary needs good air circulation. Without this, rosemary plants can develop a mildew […]

  • How to take cuttings from rosemary

    It’s usually best to take cutting in late autumn or early winter. Cut a 2 inch stem for new growth on a well established plant. Snip off the bottom leaves rather than pull them off. Dip the bottom tip into a hormone rooting powder. Pop the cutting carefully in a pot of dampened peat moss […]

  • Growing rosemary at home

    Rosemary is a wonderfully fragrant and useful herb. It’s an evergreen perennial shrub, and a member of the mint (Labiatae) family. Its Latin name Rosmarinus officinalis means ‘dew of the sea’, as in the wild it grows within reach of the sea spray. It’s particularly suited to Mediterranean cooking, and great with meats (particularly lamb, […]