How to take cuttings from a Spider Plant

spider plant plantletsEasy peasy. Snip the babies off at the end of the long stalk and either root them in water or soil/compost.

Water is the quickest way to get roots, and you simply submerge the bottom of the spider plant cutting for a few weeks. Make sure that the top of the baby is out of the water – use a narrow-necked bottle or create a bit of scaffolding on top of a jar for it to sit on. Alternatively, pop the cutting in some potting compost with good drainage.

Rooting spider plant babies in water.
Photo by Sleepyneko

7 responses to “How to take cuttings from a Spider Plant”

  1. To encourage to small babies to root i dont cut them off the shoots, i rest the babies on top of a pot of compost encouraging a root to develop.
    Takes around 4 days to root to the soil then i snip the shoot close to the juvenile as possible.
    Never had a failure using that method.
    I only used this method due to using the other water method and most babies died, in the past i had spiders which never shooted creating babies but these 2 i have had around a year have gone beserk – anyway it works for me !

  2. Hi thanks for the advice on your page. I’ve just done a cutting for my dad – i let the runner route in compost for about a week and have done the same as Lordfaraday and its worked great. They are such healthy plants and easy to grow – i’m not the best gardener and yet i can grow these just fine 🙂

  3. I’m doing an experiment for Science where I’m rooting a spider plant, a philodendron, and a sweet daphane, and after Day One, they rooted in water. Not a lot, but some. :))