How to grow fruit indoors

Growing fruit indoors seems a bit strange but it’s perfectly doable if you have a nice sunny window and the right container. Strawberries and raspberries, for example, are quite suited to life in a hanging basket or barrel, while indoor fruit trees, as you’d expect, are specifically developed to thrive indoors.

Dwarf fruit trees

These are miniature versions of the outdoor variety, and most species are pretty hardy and easy to care for. Dwarf fruit trees are a popular choice in the UK and can fruit all year round. For the best results, place them in a sunny spot, keep the compost moist and feed according to the instructions.

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[amazon asin=B007BNWWSC&text=Dwarf Apple Tree]

Harvest your own delicious apples from this fine self-fertile mini apple tree. It flowers in May and produces full-sized tasty fruit. Easy to grow, it’s a hardy tree that makes an impressive display, growing up to 100cm.

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[amazon asin=B007BNWXNQ&text=Dwarf Pear Tree]

This mini pear tree flowers in May and produces lovely juicy pears. Another hardy tree that’s easy to grow and won’t take up much space.

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[amazon asin=B00B8XJ4TG&text=Dwarf Cherry Tree]

The ‘Sylvia’ is the most compact of all fruiting cherries, its fruit are super-sweet and packed full of succulent juice – perfect for eating straight from the tree, or making yummy cherry pies!

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[amazon asin=B009922PL2&text=Dwarf Plum Tree]

A slightly taller tree with a growth rate of around 1ft (30cm) per year. Perhaps one for a balcony rather than the living room, this is a dwarf form of Victoria but with all its fruiting attributes. Flowers April-May.

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Calamondin Orange is highly decorative providing year round interest with glossy evergreen leaves, pretty fragrant flowers and edible fruit. The fruit is high in vitamin C and can used for jams and juices. These miniature trees are easy to care for and ideal for a sunny windowsill indoors. Flowers from March until May, full grown size 100-120cm.


Strawberries, raspberries, blueberries and blackberries are all great choices for the indoor gardener. They will grow in many different types of container as long as you’ve got good drainage. Make sure you choose the right variety for your environment.

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Bluecrop is a very prolific variety producing large quantities of medium sized, crack resistant fruit loaded with vitamins. This self fertile variety is one of the best for high yields and disease resistance. It can be grown in large containers or borders and prefers acidic soil. The wonderfully
juicy and highly nutritious fruit ripens in August, it is ideal for eating fresh or jam and juice making. Full grown size 120-200cm.

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[amazon asin=B00681JFNS&text=Blackberry plant]

This Lock Tay Variety has an earlier season than most Blackberries (July – September). The Loch Tay is a semi-erect thornless variety with improved vigour and better resistance to mildew.

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The autumn variety Zeva produces an abundance of delicious raspberries in its first year. They are very prolific with high yields of fruit from August onwards on newly grown canes from the same year. Zeva’s large fruit is suitable for eating fresh, freezing or even jam making. Raspberries are packed with vitamins and are known to be one of the best providers of antioxidants! Full grown size 120cm.

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The Flamenco variety produces large conical berries with a very good sweet flavour. As an everbearer they produce flowers in the spring then fruit continuously from July until the first frost.

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