How to grow bulbs and corms indoors

With the right environment and soil it’s possible to grow many bulbs, corms and tubers indoors. Different species require different conditions, so check the packaging they came in or do some research.

As a rule of thumb, most require a light soil with good drainage – multi-purpose compost mixed with grit or perlite should be fine – and should be planted with the growing tip facing up and at a depth of 2-3 times their height, spaced about 1 or 2 bulb widths apart.

If your chosen plant likes a lot of light and you can’t position your container or hanging basket in a sunny place, you can always use a grow light.

As they begin to grow, water bulbs in containers regularly but take care not to bog them up. Reduce watering when leaves begin to back off, but don’t let the compost dry out completely. Once shoots appear your container bulbs might benefit from a high potash feed such as tomato fertiliser.