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  • How to grow bulbs and corms indoors

    With the right environment and soil it’s possible to grow many bulbs, corms and tubers indoors. Different species require different conditions, so check the packaging they came in or do some research. As a rule of thumb, most require a light soil with good drainage – multi-purpose compost mixed with grit or perlite should be […]

  • Growing rosemary at home

    Rosemary is a wonderfully fragrant and useful herb. It’s an evergreen perennial shrub, and a member of the mint (Labiatae) family. Its Latin name Rosmarinus officinalis means ‘dew of the sea’, as in the wild it grows within reach of the sea spray. It’s particularly suited to Mediterranean cooking, and great with meats (particularly lamb, […]

  • How to grow fruit indoors

    Growing fruit indoors seems a bit strange but it’s perfectly doable if you have a nice sunny window and the right container. Strawberries and raspberries, for example, are quite suited to life in a hanging basket or barrel, while indoor fruit trees, as you’d expect, are specifically developed to thrive indoors. Dwarf fruit trees These […]

  • Growing potatoes indoors

    As with other root veg, potatoes need a deep container if you’re going to grow them indoors. You can either buy seed potatoes or simply use any you have around that are sprouting. Potatoes need a lot of light if you want a good harvest, so choose the position of your container wisely. Make sure […]

  • How to grow chives

    Chives make a great addition to plenty of meals. They are a hardy herb that don’t need fertilising, and will even tolerate a bit of neglect, which is a comfort if you’re new to indoor gardening. You need… a [amazon asin=B009M64MBQ&text=herb pot] or [amazon asin=B003H70S3C&text=window box] soil-based [amazon asin=B0080R38P4&text=compost] a [amazon asin=B005A2YG6M&text=saucer or dish] underneath […]

  • How to grow orchids

    [amazon asin=B00AFXIOXW&template=Image]Orchids are absolutely beautiful, and make great indoor plants. They can withstand the dry heat of central heating, and so suit a warm room (a bedroom or lounge). If you’re a new gardener, start by [amazon asin=B00AFXIOXW&text=buying a plant] from a garden centre. They cost around £10-£20 ish. This will probably sound expensive, but […]