Best plants for the bathroom

Plants tend to like humidity so it makes sense to grow some in your bathroom. On the other hand, it’s often a room with higher temperatures and lower levels of light than the rest of the house, which makes it important to choose the correct plant. If you need more light, consider getting a grow light.

Good plants for low light bathrooms

[amazon asin=B003WLU7QG&template=Image text&text=Bamboo][amazon asin=B0070W5FPQ&template=Image text&text=Begonia][amazon asin=B0099216XA&template=Image text&text=Aspidistra][amazon asin=B00AYHE5TG&template=Image text&text=Dracaenas][amazon asin=B0099215R2&template=Image text&text=Weeping Fig][amazon asin=B009921DK6&template=Image text&text=Heart-Leaf Philodendron][amazon asin=B006FTDGGK&template=Image text&text=Lady Slipper Orchid][amazon asin=B001G1LCPE&template=Image text&text=Phalaenopsis Orchid][amazon asin=B006FTDRI2&template=Image text&text=Oncidium Orchid][amazon asin=B009921DK6&template=Image text&text=Philodendron][amazon asin=B001G1G6NM&template=Image text&text=Peace Lily][amazon asin=B0099223QO&template=Image text&text=Spider Plant][amazon asin=B009921KB8&template=Image text&text=Sansevaria][amazon asin=B007BNV7Z6&template=Image text&text=Zamioculcas Zamiifolia]
  • Boston Fern
  • Dieffenbachia
  • Neanthe Bella Palm
  • Raphis Excelsa [aka Broadleaf Lady Palm or Bamboo Palm]

Good plants for lighter bathrooms

[amazon asin=B004SHY6WO&template=Image text&text=Asparagus Fern][amazon asin=B0097B4IZ6&template=Image text&text=Anthurium][amazon asin=B007C6XZTS&template=Image text&text=Azalea][amazon asin=B007BNWSBI&template=Image text&text=Gardenia][amazon asin=B006FTD8D6&template=Image text&text=Cattleya Orchid][amazon asin=B006FTDB0Q&template=Image text&text=Dendrobium Orchid]

If you have any more suggestions for plants that do well in a bathroom, please feel free to add them using the comments form below.

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  1. May 22nd, 2009 Plants tend to like humidity so it makes sense to grow some in your bathroom. On the other hand, it